Thursday, April 21, 2005

How dae yi spell....??

After the Nash Birtday Cake dabaucle, things took a turn for the worse when superplumb decided to hold his birthday celebration at the local Mosonic Hall.

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Carrier MSc said...

He He - wis that the pairty when Binnz appeared on the balcony wi the mason's apron?

Carrier MSc said...

Anywey And's - that wis a great pardy at the demple.

superplumb said...

A wid jist like ta say the tickets wur nuhin ta day wi me!
The culprit an me are jist a way ta walk the Great Glen fi Fort William ta Inverness(roond aboot 74 miles), a should get sum gid fotes ta pit up. Wish Saggy luck cos he'll need it.

Carrier MSc said...

Ah heard Sags was in training by walking the bairn doon ti the BP garage the other day. Is he gonny manage the pace? Hav u goat the Mountain Rescue number in yir mobile?