Saturday, October 14, 2006

Help Ma Boab

At the risk of being labeled a madman, does anybody remember a Broons/Oor Wullie cartoon strip doing the rounds when we were at school, depicting x-rated shenanigans between Wullie and Daphne Broon ? Or is this a product of a drug and alcohol addled brain?
Seriously, this has been bugging me for some time now.


Tricky said...

This izny a halloocinashun as a result of too many coarn plaister fumes Fut, they did exist. Oor Wullie started wi him in bed complaining it wiz freezin an saying he'd hae one mair sceptic tank afore he got up, then him, Fat Boab and Soapy went up Stoorie Brae wi Daphne Broon fur a gang bang. The Broons yin wiz equally debauched, including a memorable line fi Paw: 'Maws breeks are hummin'. Needless to say, they wur far funnier than the originals.
Ah wonder how ah kin remember this wi such clarity, yet this past week is a bit i a blur

futin det said...

Thank christ fur that!
Ah kin tell the therapist it wisni a psychotic episode efter aw!
Nain i this instant porn ye get nooadays. We hud tae make oor ain entertainment. Money fi jamjars etc etc !!

the italian said...

ah aye remember the classic line fi Oor Wullie 'git yur gums roond this Daphne Broon'.
that wid make yi halloosinate!

Anonymous said...

I am sure I have that cartoon up Stoorie Brae tucked away somewhere. I remember Willie "ate" Daphne in front of Bob, then proceeded to "boke"! - it was all done it the best possible taste - well not for Willie right enough.