Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dick and Dora. Nip and Fluff

Boobs of a certain age, who went to the best primary school in Bo'ness, will forever remember these wacky characters.
No I didn't do a search for "Dick" on google, it was carriers creepy animation post that got me thinking about days gone bye .
When I found this it gave me a strange CitizenKane/Rosebud moment.

Strange to think that the first words read by hundreds if not thousands of kids were, "Here is Dick"


Nevets said...

I read those books in the 1970s, yet the pictures look like something from the 1930s.

Carrier MSc said...

Is the dug's name Toby bi anychance?

lorne said...

Certainly look like um.

Carrier MSc said...

U've been quiet lately?
Ah thoat ye wid huv tain the bait wi the scabby gok post earlier?

lorne said...

Listen Matey, ma past sexcapades maybe legendary, bit ur a wee bit embaressin and no tae be shared wi ivry Tom, Richard in Harold thit logs oan tae this site. Oops noo a ken you baisterts will post ivry piece i shite yeese kin. Forget ivry hing a jist said.

Carrier MSc said...

Whit aboot these yins here Fut?: