Sunday, April 15, 2007

Page Three Fella

Phwoar girls, fancy having a go at this this fella.

(Please note: photograph 20 years old.)


futin det said...

It might huv bin 20 years ago but howcome somebody wis takin yer photi like that in the first place ???

futin det said...

And at 25 ti 2. Mornin or efternin?

Nevets said...

Embarrassingly, I asked my mum to take it. It was the Fair Day 1987 (which is why my face is red).

Kate Middleton said...

U r jolly fit young man!
I've recently split up with my German boyfriend - he was loaded but a right royal twat!

Do u fancy meeting up for a glass of Bolly one night?

Nevets said...

It works! Quick - does anyone have any change for the johnny machine?

Anonymous said...

He He
Johnny Cash
He he