Friday, April 29, 2005

Ma Breid & Butter

I was raking thru ma auld Environmental Health memories and funt some beauties that I will be sharing with u over the coming weeks.

This foaty, which a took wi ma ain fair hand, shows yi whit kin happen when a sewer chokes. The foaty wis taken in a doonstairs hoose in a '4 in a bloak'. This was the sight that greeted the pair auld wifey that stid there efter she goat oot i Stirling Royal whaur she had been for 3 months.

Basically the sewer had choked in her gairden, but the upstairs neebor continued to use their cludgy, the result being every time they flushed it came oot the pan doonstairs. That shite u can see had flowed inti the bedroom next door whaur it wis aboot 6 inches deep. The smell i rotting ordure wid'uv knocked yi ower min.

Am telln u sir, I've never etn a Chicken Korma since.

Next Month: The Incredible Melting Man

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lorne said...

Looks like Louries hoose efter the Live Aid Pairti.

cox said...

fair doo's though the towel on the radiator is brilliant white.