Thursday, November 23, 2006

Real Bo'ness Quiz

Today's game ends in 7 hours, 41 minutes.
Today's Topic: Mixed BawBag
9 players have played so far today.
Your tournament host is Futin Det

1. The lovable tramp who yased ti terrorise bairns it Dower Hoose until he wis ran ower bi a bucket motor wis cried:

a. Aggy Rothnie
b. Aggy Chunks
c. Aggy Doo
d. Aggy Memnon

2. Likeable Gpans alky Chunky Kerr eiweys hud his whit open?

a. shirt
b. ballop
c. back door
d. tin i Superlager

3. Gpans paramiltary group the ABG saw active service in the 70s. Bit whit did ABG staun fur?

a. Anti Bridgeness Group
b. Anti Blackness Group
c. Anti Bumstabber Group
d. Anti Bleckleg Group

4. Yin Xmas Eve, in the mid-eichties Big Bus did a shite it the back it the BU Club. He returned on Xmas moarning ti retrieve whit fi the still-steaming toaly?

a. His Wallet
b. Lorne & Greegs
c. His Girlfriend
d. His Maw's Xmas present

5. When Gpans Cosmos beat Links United 11-10 in the final i the Gpans World Cup in 1976 wha goat sent aff fur the Cosmos when they wur leading 11-yin, in si nearly coast us the trophy?

a. Bus
b. Yan
c. Nev
d. Binnz

6. Whit yin i these wul ye no see gon doon the Links ti Gpans?

a. The Helicopter tree
b. The Fanny Tree
c. The Secret Factory
d. Seevin dugs shites n a rat

7. Wha's Stag do resulted in an innocent bystander, namely Carrier, gittn hauled oan ti the flair alang wi the Groom, baith stripped bollock nakit, handcuffed, covered in baby ile n flooir, n much ti thir displeasure gittn lapdanced oafy twa strippers n thir YTS trainee? Clue: Jazzo wis oardirin drinks in the buff it the time.

a. Futin Det's
b. Lorne's
c. Yan's
d. Binnz'z

Poast yir score and time taken in the commnets section below.
Top 50 scores at end of the day earn points.


Tricky said...

Ah reckon ah goat 4 oot uv 7 Fut. Point i clarification required ah hink. Q7, Jazzo wiznae in the buff, he wiz wearing a pair i green fitba soaks, recently purchased fi Tricky's Sports Emporium (ma Adidas bag). Ah dinny mind Carrier being an innicent bystander either. He wiz hinging aboot the side i the performance area fur 15 meenits tellin passers by he wizny goin up oan nae stage. Further evidence i cullooshun wis the "Copper Edition Brillo Pad" he'd pit doon his drawrs earlier tae protect his modesty, should such an occassion arise.

Carrier MSc said...

73 secs - 6 oot i 7.
Damn ah goat yin i ma ain questions wrang!

Anonymous said...

Bit i a Pange bias there - is it aye like this?

Carrier said...