Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A Grand Don't Come For Free

In this fascinating snap from the mid-Nineties we get a flavour of the eclectic musical tastes of the Boys of Old Bo'ness through their rich and diverse hairstyles.

On the left we see a barely recognisable Millsy refusing to let go of his favourite era, the Eighties, with his New Romantic Mullet. Even now, on a Setterday night, Millsy will spend hours watching VH1 'I love the Eighties' channel and smoking roll-ups whilst his long suffering wife Shaz cleans and tidies up efter him.

Next to him 'Rockabilly Reid' is showing off his Morrisey look that would later be copied by modern day New York post-punk revivalists The Bravery and The Killers out of Chicago.

Finally a young Cox is embracing britpop with his angular Damon Albarn style 'short back and sides' fi Boaby's doon the toon.

Cox's style would later set the scene for the modern day Chav culture embodied succinctly in the UK garage/hip hop/acid house/spoken word fusion of urban poet and songsmith Mike Skinner.

(Foto courtesy Nash Associates)

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cox said...

is millsy wearing ear rings!

lorne said...

Probably!!! so whit if a am.

Carrier MSc said...

It looks is if there's only one in the right ear. Whit did that mean again.....???

cox said...

another thing, looking at the angle of the fotie, wis it taken by a two foot midget, looking up!

Nevets said...

'Two foot midget'? Carrier's not that small.