Monday, April 18, 2005

Greatest Ever Bo'ness Fitba Teams

The legendary Basle Star FC.

Back(l-r) Tricksy, Jazzo, Paolo, Boab (thru fence)
Front (l-r) Carrier, Le Jardinier
Missing - The Cat McFarlane, Colin, Andy

Next month - Gauze Road Star

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Anonymous said...

Dukla Pumpherston Sawmill & Tannery

cox said...

Carrier ya soft lassie shite, trackie bums. scared o' skint knees noo.

Carrier MSc said...

Ye ken thats simply no the case since ma knees hav always goat carpet burns oan them anywey.The reason for the trackies wis ti keep ma thighs warm, since I had suffered a pulled muscle 2 weeks previous stroking a first time volley into the top corner i the net.