Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Anither Brither

A big welcome ti the laddie Gairdner!!

He's finally got that PC working by chucking it oot and buying a new yin. Welcome ti the madhoose. Lookn forward ti aw ur foaties and memories of olden times, but heh - caw canny a bit - that fkn Keich McL has been thrown bombs it us, via his pairtner in crime Futin Det.

Try and refrain fi postin foaties i ma ex-es n that cos they will be invariably edited. Am trying ti hud doon a relationship here, and dinny need the hassle i explainin ma shady backgroond.

Mind and check oot the aulder stuff tae, doon oan the right hand side thair.

Footnote: He He - ah dinny ken if it Midge Ure or Crazy Frog, but the number of hits to the site hus went thru the roof the last twa nichts!!
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cox said...

It took me a while to suss oot the photo, it's thon smiths thingy.

Carrier MSc said...

Well spotted Cllr! And that IS a crowd of Smiths fans oan a pilgrimage.

markybhoy said...

cllr cox yer still a charmin' man