Friday, May 20, 2005

Getting Tapped Up

Pre -Bosman 1981
Like all other major 'jumpers fur goalposts" soccer clubs in Bo'ness, the legendary Grangepans Cosmos were keen to avoid their star players being poached by rival clubs.

For example, it was not uncommon for unscrupulous managers such as Billy Giblets of Links United and Ducky "You've got mail" Law of Bridgeness Thistle to entice players to the Dark Side with offers of hunners i cola boatles, chelsea whoppers or Bazooka Joe's oot i Danny's.

Contracts were necessary, and in the foaty above we can see the standard paperwork offered, drawn up by PH Young doon the toon.

Note the contract was only offered for one year, as players were told ti "fk off" if they were mince.

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Nevets said...

As far as I remember, didn't player/manager Futin Det sell one of our players to Links United? I can't remember who it was, it's plumb difficult to remember events of so long ago.

cox said...

Nevets is referring to wee mo-ants. In Friday's journal he was paraded on the back page with his cosmos strip only on the Friday afternoon to sign as Links Utd first over the road player. Nevets might have a short memory but I don't. JUDAS!