Monday, May 09, 2005

Memories of the Big Red Hoarse

I wis in Jenners yistirday for ma weekly messages, when, oan the stairs between Lingerie and Lighting, I noticed the above painting.

It brought the memories floodin back that auld iron rocking hoarse doon it the swings ower the shore this wis taken awa years ago when a bairn goat her fingers trapped in it - mind it? Did we huv anither name fur it? I canny mind.

I wis tempted ti buy this canvas, the brushstrokes and perspective were outstanding.

Pity I didny huv a spare £250 quid in ma poakit.

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cox said...

We must have that picture, I'll donate £20 to start with, seriously

futin det said...

The genuine article is in the playpark across the road fi me! Honest. Give me £250 quid and i'll get a foati fur yi.

Carrier MSc said...

This picture wid look braw in the office of an esteemed Elected Member - kin ye no wangle it oan ur expenses?