Thursday, May 05, 2005

Welcome Newbies

Just a wee reminder for those new to the site to check out the Aulder Stuff - that's the link doon there on the right hand site - for more fun stuff you may have missed!! There are some right beezers in thair. You can also still post comments on the aulder material.

If u want ti post foaties u r maist welcome! U need to use 'Hello' to do this - click oan this:

Posted by Hello

If u r havn problems postn foaties or anything else let me ken and ah'll try and sort it. Nev - do u think if I send you oot anither invitation, and u re-register it might work then? I'll send u yin anywey.

As stated previously there is nae ban oan posting foaties i braw lookn lassies wi thir klaze oan tho' so feel free to do so. Keep any nuddy foaties ti links tho', and mark NSFW - not safe for wifes.

Feel free to jist post comments tho if u like - memories i aulden times are esp. welcome. And let us ken if u discover any sites that might be of interest.

Links are good. Links generate traffic to the site, essential if oor plans for world domination are to become a reality.

This is a lads only site. Nae girls aloud mind - see above.

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