Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Karaoke Nichts

A young-ish polo-necked Greegs, accompanied by a barely recognisable 14-yr old Shaz, belt out the classic hit from Grease, and karaoke favourite, "Your the one that want -ooh ooh ooh" at a mid-eighties Xmas fondue pairty in big Jean's hoose in Boarrastin.

Meanwhile, Millsy (32) looking a lot like a young Del Boy Trotter keeps the lid oan his jealousy by chain smoking roll-ups, whilst admiring his new 'Sov' ring, a forerunner of the modern chav jewellery we see today.

Greegs wid never forget his virtuoso performance, reminiscent of the Castrati Singers of Rome, so much so that many years later he wid buy the venue outright.


lorne said...

Thou kin talk aboot age diference, child snatcher. By the way pish tree.

cox said...

Greeger looks like perry como.

Nevets said...

Perry Homo, more like.