Thursday, June 16, 2005

Like a brain surgeon performing a lobotomy wi a set i spanners

See the night? There's nuhing oan the telly.

So git urself and hur indoors away up ti the pictures ti see Sin City. Its fkn 10 oot i 10 min.

That wee hobbit boay oot i LOTR is in it - disny say a word - but disny huv ti. U'll ken whit a mean when ye see it.

Efterwards, let us ken whit u thoat aboot it.

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Carrier MSc said...

Nevets - hav u no seen this yet?
Comments please!

Nevets said...

Haven't seen it - don't really fancy it. I'm not a big fan of Robert Rodriguez's films as they tend to give me a headache (all that flashy editing). I'll wait until it comes out on DVD.