Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Nivir a Penalty Ref!

So u hav finally joined us WeeGC?

Welcome ti the asylum, jist like aulden times. Lookn forward ti aw ur posts.

Feel free ti start postn any auld foaties. U will need to use the progam 'Hello' - click oan the symbol below - the rest should be straight foarword enuf. Its a bit i a pain in the neck but u will get yased ti it. U kin pit anyhing up as long as its goat klaze oan. Any nudity must be links only an marked - NSFW - not safe for wifes.

Links ti other sites are gid tae - they generate traffic back here ye see.
Mind and look thru the aulder stuff - some i the comments are funnier than the foaties.

And if ur brerrs want ti join, tell them to send me an email.

Have fun m8!

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WeeGC said...

Celtic FC paranoia, no gettin penalties fi bias refs or linos.
It's part o the trainin, no ti gee them penalties. It's in the laws of the game.

Carrier MSc said...

Paranoid? Moi?
Can u tell the Boys who you sent aff in ur last SPL reserve game?

WeeGC said...

Some daft spanish bhoy called Fernandez? Complete tosser? Parading as a footballer, wouldn't gee him a game for the St Mary's.

Carrier MSc said...

Good call he he

Hey - Whaurs aw hey foaties? If ur havn probs gettn them posted let me ken?