Monday, June 06, 2005

Unusual pre-Fair BOOB meet

The bairns' annual Fair Fitba tournament at Newtoon Park wis a gid opporchancity for sum i the lads to get together. In attendance were Futin Det, Cox, Markybhoy and maself. We also bumped inti former G-pans gang member wee Graham C who is now not so Wee and a top whistler working his way up the Leagues. Funnily enuff I hudny seen him for a few years, then bumped inti him again in Livingston yesterday when I wis in Burberry's gettn ma Chav Fair Klaze. Also spotted wis Jan and Nevets' cousins the Meikle Bros - Scooter and Stephen formerly of Park Lane Skateboard park. Mair spotted - Ian 'Blecko' Bleck & Tam Burns.

For the record the Grange PS swept the board by beating the Deanburn in baith Finals, "striking a blow for the working class", as Cox put it


futin det said...

The adult version is on this Saturday, 11 o'clock Duggie Park. Worth it just to see old friends running around having near fatal heart attacks/strokes and the odd broken limb etc.
P.S. Am I right in thinking it was carrier who wrote the intro in this years program ?

Carrier MSc said...

Your instincts serve you well, Fut Skywalker - but not on this occasion! As can be clearly seen, the intro was written by the Hef and that boy that used ti work in Chuckie Burns'.
Perhaps u r referring to the story of last year's tournament on page 4 written by the mysterious Foondry Moulder?

futin det said...

Apologies ObiTwae Must have been a distubance in the force. I did of course mean the story of last years tourney.

WeeGC said...

Hello fellow pansers.
WeeGC found site and passed on to big brither.
Need ti get ti ma Maws and rake through her foaties.

cox said...

Totally fook'd tonight a began ma training for the stirling 10k race. total ridy the guy training me didna draw sweat and wis sweating like a schemie ned on court day. but anyway that's ma charity work and I don't like to talk about.

Carrier MSc said...

As previously discussed u could get some extra exercise by gettn a Grange strip oan this weekend at the Fairs Cup - ah heard they r struggln fur silky midfielders.