Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A wee Jack D in the Anchor

Cammy oot fur a pint the night wi Jack Doanaldson.

Fitba pundit Doanaldson wid later argue wi the ful pub that Scoatland were robbed i victory, insistant that we scored at some point, even tho' we didny. Did we?

Later, Cammy wid flex his full intellectual muscles filling in the barmaid's croassword puzzle book wi answers like architectural moulding - 'torus', french vineyard - 'cru' and cargo ship - 'scow'.

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Nevets said...

Of course he's good at crosswords - he handles letters all day. Geddit? (See - letters/letters of the alphabet? See what I did there? ....Aw forget it.)

Carrier MSc said...

I suppose if he had a PC Cammy wid also be gid at 'posting' tae, eh Nev?