Friday, June 10, 2005

When Futin Det became Futin Mooth.

Sittin the bank today, happened tae come across Futin Det, the conversation went something like this,
"Yi goan oan seterday nicht" said Futin
"Aye, lookin foarwrd tae it" replyed Millsy
"Should be a gid nicht" retorted Futin
"wis wunderin whor we r meetin fir a drink" enquired Millsy
Uncomfertable silence................
" Yir goan tae the Richmond fir yir denner" said Futin nervously
"No me, were goan tae the dance it the toon hall. Kent nuhin aboot any meal" said Millsy.
"Oops" said Futin.
"Bastards" said me.
"Nae pals son" said the member of Staff from the bank.
"Obviously not" said Millsy.
Then left shame faced.Posted by Hello


Carrier MSc said...

Whit dinner?
Whit dance?

futin det said...

It had all the makings i a good Two Ronnies sketch !

Carrier MSc said...

How did the meal go?
Any fights?