Monday, July 11, 2005

Elvis Lives

Jist like we wur meeting up fur a game i kick the can in auld grangepans, wi the lamp post in the square at the back i Fut & Cox's hoose as the den, it wis gid ti see Elvis and that wee lassie who likes watchn fitba sitting oan David Joanstin's fence.

Not content wi his Che T-shirt, Elvis casts an envious glance tiwards the Ghinga Chav, wearing Mike Skinner top, sov ring and tin i warm lager.


Nevets said...

True story: when she was about 14 or 15, Clare was hanging about the town near the clock with some of her pals when Elvis arrived and began chatting them up, totally not recognising Clare. Clare strung him along until she dropped the "Do you no recognise me? I'm Yan's wee sister" bombshell. Apparantly it was the first time he was lost for words.

Carrier MSc said...

Ah gave him the details i the site oan the Fair Day so maybe he will respond with his version of events?

By the way, wis embdy speakn ti Noddy at the Fair? He passed me in a car at ma maw's, waved n that but didny get a chance ti speak ti him.

Nevets said...

Yeah, Yan & I met him up at the St Andrews Church (site of the famous crash) while waiting for the Grange to head along to the Dougie. I also talked to him outside Binnz's old house while waiting for the main procession to arrive.