Saturday, July 09, 2005

Shining bright o'er land and sea

Aw the usual suspects gether fur the crowning - whit aboot the weather?

Fkn marvellous!


cox said...

Thought you were larging it up on the island! Whilst you were gone futin det and I did our bit to save the world, we protested in stirling against the G8, after wrecking burger king we shop lifted from tesco and comet.

Carrier MSc said...

Nah m8 - benidorm 4 me - Yan's gaun ti Ibiza.
Am shair I saw yees oan Sky News wi an airmfi i sesame seed buns?
Whaur did yees go ti oan the Fair in the efternin? thoat i wid hav seen u & Fut up the Ricky P? Were u no gaun thair fur ur dinner?