Sunday, September 03, 2006

BOOB volunteers required

Despite bein severly sunburnt wi skin hingin oaf me like a leper n tryin ti take hings easy, it didny stoap Superplumb n Notso Sags chappn ma door in the wee sma' hoors last nicht fur a game i texas hold'em n wee halfs. Consequently, Yan - bring anithir boatil i Balvennie thru will ye?
Anyweys, latest word oan the streets is thit thirs a gowf outing in the offing. Also Lorne is trying ti organise the BOOB Paintbaw tournament. Binnz is thinkn aboot runnin a bus ti the Scotland v France gemme.
Finally the DDs r still wantin a gemme i fitba' - it looks like a Thursday it the Centre.
Expressions i interest please.


Tricky said...

count me in

yan said...

Ahm up fur the paintbaw n the scoatland game. Canny play golf fur shite so ahl gie that yin a miss. Lit me ken aboot the fitba tho

WeeGC said...

Due to the reffin startin can't play.

Broon said...

Aye - up fur paintbaw, also up fur Scotland game (tickets on sale 14th or 15th ah think).

Kin play fives if ye want a goalie (Gauze Road Star unbeaten in 20 odd games).

Carrier MSc said...

Broon - yir eiweys the first man oan the teamsheet.
Keep u poastit re the rest.

the italian said...

ah'm up fur the 5's, if required