Thursday, September 28, 2006

Comment: Lois Weatherup FHM High Street Honey Naked Truth

Ah see oan ithir sites thit several FHM High Street Honey contenders huv been posting foaties an links ti try n git the necessary votes ti win the hing.
That's fkn disgraceful cheatn!

Also ower 50% i oor visitors ower the last week huv ended up oan the BOOB is a result i searching oan Google fur key words such as "lois","weatherup" "FHM", "High Street Honey" and combos thereof!
Absolutely disgustn - u should be ashamed ya pervos!

However, am surprised thit the lady in question, or her T-shirted foallyiers we saw in Lithgi a few weeks back dinny poast some foaties or links here oan the BOOB website ti help maximise thir chances?
Ah doobt ye dinny fancy an extra 2000 votes this month?

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