Monday, September 11, 2006

Interfered with

mair doaks, bit eagle-eened true Bo'nessians will be able ti spot sumhing hus been altered doon it oor favourite fishing hole withoot consultation wi the BOOB.
Who's first ti spot it?
Clue: Michael Jackson


Dougie said...

Is it a single sparkly white glove with a bit poo on the end of the middle finger?

Is this pitch booked for next week?

yan said...

Ah might be repeatin masel again bit,whuars the boay? Is that it? Dae ah win sumhin? Anyhoo,ahm awaw noo ti watch the mighty Greenock Morton play the tractur drivers fi Perth

Big Gonga said...

Ach, the bouys still there its a real "Old Bouy of Bo'ness" richt enough!
Still twa there, wan stuck in the mud in the middle (ye canny see it fur the waters too deep) an' the other yin just floats aboot at high tide. The floaty yin usually bides at the top right o' this photy, ye ken, whaur the old car used ti be, if ye kin mind that far back!

Carrier MSc said...

Well spoatit - sumbdy's been fiddln wi the buoys.

Kammy said...


yan said...

Thee Cammy? How ur ye dain? No saw ye since ah didny recognise ye it the fair a couple i years ago. Ye still djin?