Monday, September 25, 2006

There is a light that never goes oot

Pyromaniacal Smiths afficionado Markybhoy BOOB sets fire ti the table decorations it Sharon & Ketal's 25th Waddn Anniversary do it the Toon Hall oan Settirday, is Winters, Laird Brookmyre (at bar) & big Marky G and WAGS look oan in disbelief.
Gid ti see the auld boays again, incl. ma wee cizzin (ma mithirs brithers lassie's brithir), Kev Rooney alang wi wee Jinksy and Tich Richardson whom ah hud spent an enjoyable day in Glesgy wi.
Also bumpt inty regular BOOB readers Tam Burns n Deek Mull-H whence staunnin it the Bar fur fly haufs.
A gid night wis hud by aw - congrats ti Shaz n Ketal fi the BOOB.

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