Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thor Heyerdahl eat yir hert oot

Cockleshell Bay
Grangepans Boat Yaird

Futin Det takes the first few paddles in his ultimately unsuccessful attempt ti be the first teenager ti cross the River Forth on a raft made entirely of empty lager cans fi the back i the BU Club.

Noo, many years later, Det's pioneering work has led ti plans ti introduce a Hovercraft Service oan the Forth.

See this is whaur Fawkirt Cooncil dinny hae any imagination. We could yase the doaks fur this service - Bo'ness ti Embra or Rosyth fur Fife commuters. N customers wid pop inty the toon fur newspapers, baccy and seaseek pills thus stimulatin the local economy.


yan said...

It 's hopefully gaun ti be in Porty. Wis supposed ti be launched in the nixt coule o weeks bit is bein held up bi SNH due to enviromental studies no huvin been done yit. Quite happy fur it ti be here is edinburghs seaside could dae wi some regeneration i its ain.

yan said...

Oops,jist read the link efter postin that. Jist proves am no a liar tho