Thursday, September 21, 2006

VB Day

Street pairties brek oot fi Maidenpark ti the Mingle, eftir a concerted effort bi the gid toonsfolk i Bo'ness, and a sustained online campaign spearheided bi the BOOB, leads ti sheepish Fawkirt Cooncillors backing doon oan thir hair-braint scheme ti rob Bo'ness i it's famous Roman treasures. The items, including 6 Roman sodger tunic buttons, a bit i stane fi the Antonnine Wa' n 50 pence worth i mixed sesterti chinge, will noo reside in thir rightful hame - Kinneil Museum.
A clear message hus noo been sent embdy else thinkn aboot pilferin fi oor toon - dinny even hink aboot it or yir fkn gettn it!

Update: Take a tour roond Kinneil Hoose n see if u kin spot the White Lady...


the italian said...

huz embdy been ti the kineeil museum, or diz embdy ken emdby thit's been thair?
ah dinnae.

Tricky said...

hink the masses could turn thur attention tae the centur noo and save that fi whit seems like permanint closure. Ah've pit oan shree stane sittin oan ma erse aw week.

Broon said...

ah ken...... 4 games missed this week and shut for another week at least seeminly.

Been tae Kinneil museum. Took the loddies a couple i months back. They baith went slightly aff thur heids and ah hud tae leave.

The stuff that isnae Roman dates fae aboot 1975.

Carrier MSc said...

Ah kin remember gaun yince ti Kinneil Museum in ma formative years n canny min much aboot it aither thin we goat scowled it bi the auld attendant/kommandant. Of course that is the hale pint - oor ancestors fkn built the Antonnine Wa n thirs nuhing ti remind the Bo'ness bairns, n ithirs, aboot oor rich genetic identity.

N the Centre's a fkn disgrace anaw.