Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Brokeback Spirit in Double's Training Camp

The journal WebCam catches the DoubleDs in training, near Kinneil Wids. Doogs his togged the girls up in American fitba gear, in case they fa er a twig or brek a nail in their preparashun for the game the morn.
Meanwhile, rumours abound of an attempt to poach Futin fur some half time work on thur taes, and wee sair feet. Dinny dae it Fut, money izny everyhing


Dougie said...

Aye, yeez are a humerous bunch! :D

See yeez aw the morra at 9!

Hopefully it will no be raining, makes ma hair go aw flat! ;)

yan said...

Dr Tricky,dinny you believe it that money isny iviryhing when it relates ti the guid fit doaktur himself:)

WeeGC said...

Think we need ti use cowboy bits, ti gee the double D's a chance.

Carrier MSc said...

How aboot playn in bare feet?
That wey the DDs git a chance, n Futin Det gits ti tidy up oor feet eftir.
Everyins a winner.