Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cizzins Reunited

Nevets's excellent research on Binnz'z alter-ego (see comments here) has also enabled me ti track doon ma faithir's sister's dochter, ma cizzin Elanor fi Oz (pictured above) oan the same site.
See here.
Goat the faimily looks tae.

1 comment:

yan said...

Ye kin see why she's called the boady,who wiz that ither yin thit tried ti nick hur monicker? Whoivir it wiz,she's no in the same league.
Carrier, why wiz she nivir invited ower ti Bo,ness? Imagine the amount i folk fi the foondry walkin past the hoose if she'd done a Rosemary oot the back!