Thursday, October 12, 2006

DDs Double Dumped


The must anticipated first cyberspace challenge fitba gemme ended in victory for the Boys of Old Bo'ness up it the Centre tonight.

The six-man, gout-riddlit BOOBs, average age 42, defeated a much fitter workman-like DD team by the odd goal in eleevin through sheer guts n determination, n a well-marshalled back 5 led bi Tricky adopting a Cattenachio-type defensive system similar to that favoured by Walter Smith's Scotland in the Ukraine last night.

Although rarely troubled the Broon-o lived up ti his usual "safest hands in Pow's Tumchie Field" reputation despite scoffin a generous bowl i mrs Broon's hame-made ham bone soup meenits afore the gemme. In the ootfield sterling work bi the indefatigable Italian oan the flank tigithir wi the trickery and verve i MOM Markybhoy, n the sheer power i Wee GC wi his tree-trunk legs honed thru years i chasing eftir semi-pros n sending thum aff, kept the BOOBs in the gemme.

Eftir an even 60 minutes the classic Bo'ness rules of "nixt goal the winner" were applied and although DDs came close, the winning goal, a Thierry Henry-like banana bullet wi the ootside i his goalden bits fi "The Maister" (who wis cairryin a bad ankle injury btw) wis a fitting ending ti a close fought highly entertaining clash.

Aw jokin aside, the gemme could huv went either wey - thanks fur a great gemme DDs n let's dae it again sometime ay?


The Boys of Old Bo'ness
Broon, The Italian, Tricky, Markybhoy, Wee GC, Carrier

Double Ds
Gav, Dougie, Deeko, Oly, Dek C, Wullie Murray

PS - sorry aboot the nae foaties - photographer nivir turnt up, awa fur a dirty weekend up it his faither's cottage.

UPDATE: Double Ds version i events here.


Tricky said...

Well played aw roond indeed. I have a gold adidas ball that wiz left in the dressing room efter the game. Naebdy fi BooBs wiz claiming it, so it must belong to a DobleDs. Happy to return it ... in exchange fur Willie Murray's subs that he buggered aff in the huff withoot paying. Doogs, sort yer girls oot.

Dougie said...

its ma baw! a gold adidas one, i was just greetn there thinkin i had lost it! Willie did pay up, he gave me the money but for some reason i went from having five quid fifty down to 3 quid fifty. anyway how much short were u?
Yer BOOB plant DekC worked a treat, selt the jersey in the dying seconds of the gem! ;) now we know what site the loyalties lie with

Tricky said...

Did Willie wheenge at you fur no takin the money properly when he paid ye Doogs?

Carrier, kinn you send me Doogs email address pls? Ahll arrange dropping the baw aff

Dougie said...

WeeGC said...

weel done ti the boob team and the losers double D's fir a good competitive game.

WeeGC said...

Huv ti point oot ti the DD'S thit team work and spirit is needed ti win games. The abuse being given ti ma brither is a bit un fair. Tryin ti walk the ba inti the net disnae work.
Miny mistakes did you make Dougie durin the game. Point proved i think.

Tricky said...

Ah huv to correct yer account of the game, Carrier. It wizny a back 5, it wiz a fat back 4.

Dougie said...

Doc Trick, thanks again for returning the baw!