Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Finally Able to Work the Dashboard

Yes, after many trials and e-mails between myself and Carrier (MSc), I am able to post something....hmm...now what do I want to make a post on...eh...any suggestions?


Carrier MSc said...

Well done Nev - bit how did ye end up wi a wee font size?

futin det said...

Dashed unsporting asking a man about his font size, don't you think?

But how come you've got two different profiles?
(under contributors in the main page)

Here's a question fur ye:

What was the name of the actor who played the penguin in the batman series?
He He He !!

Nevets said...

Is this in reference to the Christmas Day phone call?

As regards to the font size - it isn't a different font size, it's a different font, which I was able to change. Most are in arial and I put mine in Times, which I thought was the standard.

lorne said...

The boy whaw wis the penguin wis also Rocky Balboas trainer in Rocky yin, twaw n three.

Carrier MSc said...

Wis he no in HR Pufnstuf anaw?

Carrier MSc said...

Nae bother Nev - yase any font/typeface combo ye want!!

futin det said...

The guy thit wis the artful dodger in Oliver, he wis in Hr pufnstuf

Carrier MSc said...

Thanks Fut - its aw cumn back ti me.

Have sorted the Double Nev abberation btw.

Carrier MSc said...

BTW - am lookn 4wrd ti Nev's foaty collection gittn posted up oan the site - he's meant ti huv a few beazers loakt up there in the Great Library of Grahamsdykedria that is his bedroom.

Nevets said...

I've been pricing scanners already.

WeeGC said...

Any foaties i yer neighboor Loius?

Nevets said...


Carrier MSc said...

Ah hink WeeGC meant Lois Weatherup raithir thin Louis Walsh.

Nevets said...

Ah. I get you now.

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