Sunday, October 22, 2006

Halloween Pairty pics fae the Double 0 bar.

Wee Biz n Mrs Biz boogie oan doon under the watchful eye of Martin O'Neil. Alfie M in a familiar pose, tryin tae git intae wee Jills purse.
The Italian wi his fellow italians strike a pose, flanked by big Kev and wee Biz proppin up the bar fir a wee chinge.

A wee bit peckish afore the pairty, ave aye said yi canny bait a bit haund tae pit a linin oan yir stomach. Posted by Picasa


futin det said...

Makes ye wonder whit's in the freezers of a certain eating establishment not a million miles from here!

futin det said...

And howcome lorne nivir made the effort ti git dressed-up?

Carrier MSc said...

Lorne - ah thoat it wis a Halloween Pairty, no ah Wizard i Oz pairty.
Why i ye dressed is a deid Munchkin?

Carrier MSc said...

N whit's big Kev meant ti be?
Ah thoat he wid ah've went is a snowman again?

WeeGC said...

Did ye style yer make up oan the color i yer tiles?

Carrier MSc said...

Fur the record Lorne tells me thit Big Kev wis the Wolfman.