Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

fi the Hampton Court Ghost, thit, despite hailn fi aboot the mid-16th century, kens how ti shut a fire door properly.


Nevets said...

You know, I'm having doubts about the authenticity about that piece of footage. You can't fool me! I'm too rich, what with my Nigerian Lottery money coming through any day now.

futin det said...

There's a coincidence, i've just been offered a big share in some Nigerians fortune. Seems there's some legal problem there but all I have to do is give him my account details and he'll sort out the rest. Should only take a couple of days he says.

Carrier MSc said...

U guys need ti git familiar wi the new craze fur "Scambaiting".

See http://www.419eater.com/index.htm

Hae a read then look it the Trophy Room - fkn priceless!!

futin det said...


The guy that does the call has one of the funniest blogs you'll ever read at


futin det said...

BTW If that is a ghost, how come it doesn't walk through the door

Nevets said...

I suppose even ghosts have a Health and Safetey Executive