Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Maist Haunted Live in Bo'ness

Ah wis oaf ma work the day due wi kidney trouble and decided ti go fur a wee walk doon ti the Crookies. As ah wis makn ma way back a popped inty the auld Cairidin Churchyaird, the scene of a legendary ghost hunting expedition in the early eichties when scientific meesurements wur tain bi famous paranormal investigator Dr. C. Reid, including the angle i the Angel heidstane in relation ti the sun setting ower G-pans.

Anyweys a took a foaty i the auld damp patch it the Church entrance, whaur the miraculous image i Christ wis ti first appear ti us, later ti reappear some 30 years later oan the erse i Lorne's dug.

Anyweys, ti cut a long stoary shoart, the foaty didny appear ti show anyhing, bit when a processed it it hame here's whit wis revealed.

Kin embdy else see the face i auld Aggy thit hud the chip shoap across fi the Snooker Centre?

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