Monday, October 09, 2006

You are the wind beneath my sheets

Cheers boays fur yir kind sentiments - ah jist funt oot at the weekend, scraped a pass. Ye ken me, ah dinny like ti brag aboot being brainy as faq. 4 years i hard slog it an end.
Gynaecology's a fkn hard subject ye ken!
Nae need fur whisky Yan jist git yirsel thru here fur a nicht oot.
Will arrange sumhing soon, ay?

Noo fur the serious bit.

Aw jokin aside, ah couldny huv done it withoot yir help. Ah set this blog up as a wee side project ti keep me sane during ma studies.
During the low times of non-parametric variable analysis, ah've clicked oan the BOOB n hud tears i laffter runnin doon ma cheeks. Kennin thit maist i the stories wur TRUE tae!

So, is well is the obvious nods ti Wee Gill, ma braw dochter n ma Maw n Paw, ah'd like ti dedicate ma success ti ma gid pals - yeese ken who yeese are, the famous BOOB, n absent freends anaw.

Wha's like us, ay?

Hud a few drinks the nicht. Um fkn chokin up here min.


WeeGC said...

Congrats on passin wind. Ma faither learnt me early oan aboot that noble art. Does that mean yer no a soap dodger any mair.

WeeGC said...

Is the fitba still oan on thursday.

yan said...

Is stated previously,warmest congrats ma man.Nivir hud any thoats thit ye widny scrape through.Ahll be through soon is the wifie wants ti visit the dear green place anaw. Peace out n aw that. By the way,di ye ken whit happened ti G Snedds site oan ma space? It's gaun though luckily ah managed ti download the music furst.Speak ti ye soon.

Tricky said...

WeeGC, game is on, aye. You def playing?

WeeGC said...

aye be along ti whip the young boy

Tricky said...

Guid man weeGC, see you there at 20:45 ish. Dark tops for the BooBs.

Carrier, oan Thursday, we want tae see nane i the girly sentiment displayed above