Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Beth Steps Down

Ah jist caught a glance it this week's Jurnal, bit ah wis saddened ti learn thit famous Bo'ness icon Beth is ti retire fi the public eye soon.

Am sure eviribidy wid like ti pay tribute ti Beth fur aw her hard work.

Dishin oot aw they fish suppers n takeaway meals ower the years, suffern repetitive strain injury reachn ower ti the wee kitchen hatch, pittn up wi cheeky neds in fur a boatil i ginger, hearin thit the chicken chow mein wis "rubbery" fur the thoosinth time, etc - aw wi a happy smile oan her face fur the punters tae!

Aw the best fi the BOOB, Beth - the chip shoap wul no be the same athoot ye!


lorne said...

It's no that Beth ya plum it's the cooncilor beth thit's retirin, so no tae worry yir suppers will still be super.

WeeGC said...

Carrier gittin the wrang end i the stick, efter the dug shite.

futin det said...

Carrier, ah did warn ye!

Carrier MSc said...

Aye ur wur right Fut - nae mair satire fi me, ah'll jist stick ti poastn the clarty foaties.