Sunday, November 12, 2006

Not So Happy - BU website affline

Whit's aw this aboot?


futin det said...

Looks like it's the same guy who does the boness fair site.
It's maybe just an "It's ma baw" moment.

WeeGC said...

Seem to remember a while back in the journal the boy's faither stickin up fir his laddie. The site wis well run.

Carrier MSc said...

If wee Cherlie's been takn pish oafy embdy it's a fkn disgrace!! The amount i work he's pit inty this wis amazn. Whit nixt? The Fair site gittn pullt cos sumbdy's airch foaty wisny poastit?
As fellow Bloggers in Free Bo'ness we should aw be right behind the wee man. Lit's hope the BU site is back up n runnin soon.

futin det said...

Yip, totaly agree. He should be able tae put up whit he likes (within reason) Anybody else disagrees, set up yer ain site. Simple as.