Thursday, November 09, 2006

Virtual Fitba' Reality

Ah've discovered this wee program Virtual Football Manager 2006 thit lit's ye become a virtual fitba manager fur the day. Ye've goat ti start oaf in the lower leagues wi wee teams so yistirday efternin ah hud a go it bein the St.Johnstone manager. That's me above in the virtual dugoot shoutin oot virtual tactical instructions ti ma virtual team. Realistic eh?
Ah'm daein awright n last night ah took ma provincial team the semis i the Cup!!
If only that could happen in real life, ay?


WeeGC said...

Owen Coyle your not. Owen patrols the technical area and occaisionally gives the stand side lino verbals. Which reminds me Gretna v St Johnstone 2nd of december.

lorne said...

How sad is it thit cairrier hud nae pals tae take the foatie and hud tae set it up oan a waw.