Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Welcome ti New Visitors fi Hame n Abroad!

This is yin i they regular service messages thit appear fi time ti time, apologies if u've heard it aw before.

Welcome new visitors, includin migrant Polish workers, n further afield, esp. the folk in Chile and Holland who huv been visitn us regularly recently.

This site wis set up by a group i bored thirtysumhings who grew up thegithir in Bo'ness, a quaint former whaling port and mining town oan the banks i the Michty Forth River windin thru the Glens i Scoatland. Aye - we wear kilts and eat porage (sic)- wi sawt in it tae. The site is carefully worded in the Bo'ness dialect - please let us ken (know) if u canny understaun it afore breengin in ti skelp oor erses (barging in to criticise us).

Be shair ti look it the comments under each poast - they are usually funnier than the stuff we pit up, and feel free ti poast yir ain!!

We especially want ti hear fi aw they local petrochemical 'workers' who dae nuhin bit read this site n watch porn oan the nicht shift, in between turning a couple i valves n takin a fly heid doon.

Keep dodgy material ti links, is ma Maw keeks inty this site fi time ti time, and, Bo'ness being Bo'ness, she kens aw your faimilies n wul huv nae hesitation in cliping oan ye!

In this krasy world i political correctness, this site is a shaven haven fur the lads ti hing oot in, so nae girls aloud mind.

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