Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bo'ness Crystal Meth Regret Leads Ti Time And Relative Dimension In Space Confusion

Yon boay thit's goat the Auld Snooker Centre wis oan the news night giein his side it the stoary wi regard ti his alleged connections ti the alleged internet-based international Crystal Meth smuggling ring, allegedly.

He claimed thit he wisht the Tardis he's goat it the museum doon thair wis working so he could turn back time and no git himsel involved.

Krasy Fkr!

Shurley he wid be better oaf yasein the Tardis ti MOVE FOARWART in the space/time continuum, thus keepin the synthetic methamphetamine aw ti himsel n pushin it ti unsuspecting future citizens i Mega City Yin, oot the back i a hover speeder, then retirin wi aw they accrued galactic groats ti yin i the Moons i Betelgeuse? Naw?

No real min.


Nevets said...

I'm so sad that I can actually tell you which episode that Doctor Who picture came from - the first episode of 'Spearhead From Space'.

Carrier said...

No Nev u r wrang - I took that foaty masel fi the auld Ship Brekkin.


WeeGC said...

Somhins smells very fishy or menthol maybe.

Big Gonga said...

Nut, Nevets is richt enuff!
Thats Auld Mr Pertwee wi wee Paddy Troughtons claise oan.
Ah should ken.