Friday, February 23, 2007

BOOB Lends Balcony Support

Eftir oor success in singul-handedly saving Kinneil Museum the BOOB are gittn richt behind the latest campaign, speirheidit bi Bo'ness's answer ti Tommy Sheridan, Garry C, ti tell Fawkirt Cooncil ti git thir fingurs oot in git the Toon Hall Balcony open again in time fur the Fair.
The Fair's meant ti be fur the bairns, n how thir een wid be filled wi tears i joy if they could yince mair staund it the Crowning n look up ti the Balcony ti see thir faimilies in thir best Fair Klaze oot i TK Maxx, drinking glesses i Champagne in tuckn inty Prawn pieces.
C'moan fellow Bo'nessians - lend yir support.
Free the Balcony!
Stick this poster in yir windae.

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Lorne said...

Dunno aboot ma windae bit it's oan ma bedroom ceilin