Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cynical Tactics Dinny Wash Wi Us

Ah see alleged BB racist n failt fitba WAG Danielle Lloyd (above) is appearin in some i the latest Middle Shelf lifestyle mags again this month.
It's a disgrace thit the media, whithir they be newsprint or web-based, huv goat ti resort ti pittn foaties i folk like this in their publications in a cynical attempt ti increase circulation or visitor figures.
Comments please.


futin det said...

Yip, it's disgustin. Ah wonder what the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT, CIA etc make of it. When you think of those brave AMERICAN soldiers protecting us from those nasty AL-QAEDA TERRORISTS, i'm sure MARILYN MUNROE,JFK and PRINCESS DIANA would be turning in there graves. As Would ELVIS if he was really dead.

Carrier said...

U r correct in ur assertion Fut. Even hollywood z-listers like BRITNEY SPEARS, LINDSAY LOHAN and PARIS HILTON, who incidentally appeared in a hame made PORN movie, entitled ONE NIGHT IN PARIS wid disapprove.

yan said...

ELVIS is deid? When did this happen? Nixt you'll be tellin me NASA pit a MAN ON THE MOON.

Tricky said...

As wid American Idol Tom Brady, Bridget Moynahan and Antonella Barba. Especially when it was a lunar new year like it was last week. Or if they'd been watching Black Snake Moan at the movies or the Oscars on tv.
Check here for next week's batch of incandescent celebs and their current activities -

Lorne said...

Whit's a PORN movie? a've heard yeese talkin aboot thum, in Mrs Lorne says a dinnae need thum.