Monday, February 05, 2007

Separated at Birth?

We've received this email at BOOB HQ today:
"Dear BOOB,
I was struck by the similarity between new member Burnie Fransisco, lately of the Bo'ness Parish and Dancing on Ice Star and former Boyzone uphill gardener Steven Gaytley. Could they be by any chance related?
Mr. S. King

Whit de yees think?


Anonymous said...

I Heard that they are both gid for rear ENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!

WeeGC said...

Are they going to star in cheggers does pop?

futin det said...

Surely a man in burnies position coudnae condone such practices?
Hing oan, just remembered whaur he works!!

WeeGC said...

See i got booted oot i stars oan ice.

burnie fransisco said...

Ma Jimmy Carter's no been broke