Thursday, February 15, 2007

Welcome Visitors!

A big welcome ti visitors fi Bo'ness, Grangemooth petrochemical industries n the rest i the world includin wid-be sodgers fi Fort Irwin & the National Training Centre, Mojave Desert, California, THE world class training center for America's Soldiers, known for its excellent desert training, vast recreational opportunities, and history. N also the hame of C Det, 203rd Military Intelligence. Funny how thir IP address is fur a graveyaird in Denton Texas.

Yon foaty i Yan n Jean oan holiday his goat a loat ti answer fur!

Anyweys yees r maist welcum. Feel free ti poast coments, n hae a look it oor aulder stuff doon thair oan the rhs.

Mind tho' - nae Girls Aloud.


coots said...

nae girls? am gutted

Nevets said...

Please don't annoy the American Military, Carrier. I don't want them "accidently" bombing Grahamsdyke the next time they fly overhead, thank you very much.