Monday, February 12, 2007

Where Are They Now?

Whatever became of Mr K Sweetmilkytoffeelikesubstance. Last time I heard he was a postman in Dundee.


yan said...

Aye,weel seen aw that time it uni,it oor expense(is it wis then)wis weel spent. Ah poastie! Nae disrespect intended GC n Reidy.

Lorne said...

Whaw the Fudge is it?

Carrier said...

Noo we kin aw see whaur Paolo Nutini, James Morrison in aw they young folky songsmiths goat thur inspiration fae!
The Fudgemeister rocks oan!
Wha's goat his email address ti ah invite him oan the BOOB?