Thursday, February 15, 2007

White Men Can't Dance

Here at Mr & Mrs Futin Det's wedding, the crowd get down and groovy on the dancefloor. What are they dancing to? The Twist? The Birdy Song? Who knows.


Carrier said...

Could be the Timewarp - Lorne wis eiweys yin fur gittn up n groovn oan doon ti that yin. Kens the words oaf bi hert tae. Eviry time am up fur ma dinner every week he's goat it oan his stereogram.

Lorne said...

That'll be nearly ivry night then Cairrier, even when we goat an invite fir tea tae your hoose we hud tae bring the food and cook it.

Lorne said...

Looks like a'm the only yin wi any style and grace oan the dance flair.