Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Big BOOB Welcome

Welcome ti new visitors ti the famous BOOB webshite, esp. fi China, Sweden, Iceland n the Mingle. Mind n huv a look it the Comments under each poast, whaur u will find interstin discussion oan a diverse range i Bo'ness related subjects includin how miny blackheeds thir are oan Lorne's strangely hairless erse, n Aegean mythology is it relates ti modern day energy supply sales. Futhermair, clickin oan the 'Aulder Nonsense' button doon thair oan the right haun side will open up a positive cornucopia i mirth spannin the miny years this site hus been in existence, a kinny modern day Homer's Odyssey i fkd-upness.
Feel free ti leave ur ain comments n lit us ken whit yir hinkn.

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