Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Muckin aboot wi Comments

Is yoos ken bein a freelance maister scientist ah like experimentn so ah've enabled foaties in the comments ti see wha wur dealn wi here.
If u upload a foaty ti yir profile oan blogger the world n her aunty wul see it noo in the comments fur eviry poast.
If this is a pain in the erse lit me ken n ah'll switch it aff.


yan said...

How the feck di ye dae it though?Instructions fur the no si bright please.

Carrier said...

Ok - Walkthru:

Log onty Blogger.
U will see the dashboard.
On the rhs - 'Edit profile'.

Make sure under Privacy, 'Share my Profile' is ticked.

Scroll doon ti 'Photograph'

Add a foaty fi the web by adding in the URL. If u want ti yase a personal foaty, u will have ti upload it ti Putfile or a similar site. Or link ti a foaty fi the BOOB.

Scroll doon ti boatim and Save.

Any probs lit me ken.