Sunday, March 11, 2007

Soartit fur T

The Michty BOOB wul yince again be appearin it the the Slam Tent it T in the Park 2007.
Mind n say hello ti us - North Entrance hing oots.


yan said...

See yeez aw thair. Carrier, ur ye hinkin aboot gaunti rockness? No oaftin ye git the chance ti see Daft Punk playin live.

honest john said...

roll on t 2007! canni wait 4 a bit of a bounce in the slam tent!! any nesser's heading up 2 rockness?

Carrier said...

Ah ken wee Jinksy Stirling fi G-dyke is gaun up wi a crowd ti Rock Ness. They're campin in a Wigwam.
Too miny midges fur me ti dae ma electro-funk robotics ti Yan!