Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Superplumb daein his bit

Gid ti see at least yin i us daein thir bit fur the community. Is highlighted in last week's Jurnal, the 'Plumb' singul-haundedly liftit 50 bags i assorted rubbish n tag fi the Costa del Crookies.
This included an auld Wullie Lows trolley thit hud signs i fire damage, as if it hud been yased is a barbecue or suhum. The trolley wis covered in traces i Heinz Beans n Gaubins.
Difficult ti make oot in the foaty bit 'Plumbo' reportit thit his feet wur covert in strange sticky white flatfish, wi wings, eftir his work oan the beach.
Aw coapir wire n pipin wis recycled tae.
Meanwhile, oblivious ti the hard work gaun oan, local Cubs hud a massive game i 'Kick the Can' in the Cairridin Wids, some bein allowed oot ti play fur the first time ivir.

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