Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Whit di yi think a Nano or a Shuffle?

Mair here.


Lorne said...

A wid shuffle hir Nano.

Carrier said...

Ricky - ah hope ye dinny mind but ah tidied her boatim bit up a bit ti make it a wee bit neater.

rickyh said...

Nae bother, I couldny manage ti git it clicky anywye! how di yi dae it ya techno wizard

Carrier said...

RickyH and ithirs, when u r posting simply highlight a word and press the we button wi a chain oan it above the text boax.
Anithir boax wil pop up and insert the relevant weblink in thair.

rickyh said...

carrier yir a techno jeanyus min!